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½ C. mayo
3 Tbl chili in adobe sauce
1 cup sour cream – divided
8 oz cream cheese- room temperature
¼ cup diced pickled jalapenos drained
2 large onions
¼ c. flour
¼ c. bread crumbs
2 tbl. Butter- melted
12 pieces pre cooked bacon
Cooking spray
1 # ground chuck
1 # ground sirloin
2 Tbl Montreal steak seasoning
1 Tbl cumin
1 Tbl cayenne pepper
1 Tbl Tabasco jalapeno pepper sauce
1 Tbl Worcestershire sauce
1 Tbl balsamic vinegar
½ t. salt
½ t. pepper
Vegetable oil for grilling
6 slices Monterey Jack cheese slices
1 cup pickled jalapeno slices drained
6 fresh Kaiser rolls


Pre heat grill. One section to a med high heat and another section to med heat.

For the sauce:
Mix mayo, chili in adobe and ½ cup of sour cream in a bowl and refrigerate.

For the filling:
Mix cream cheese, ½ cup of sour cream and diced jalapeno’s in a bowl and set aside.

For the onions:
In a grill safe skillet melt butter. Cut the onions in thin strips toss in flour. Mix butter and bread crumbs together. Toss onions in bread crumbs. Place skillet on med-high heat of grill and add onions. Cook for about 15 min. Remove and set onions aside. Add bacon to skillet and cook until crispy about 7 min. set aside.

In a bowl mix ground chuck, sirloin, steak seasoning, cumin, cayenne pepper, pepper sauce, Worcestershire sauce, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper. Mix with hands gently, but thoroughly. Divide into 6 equal balls. Take each ball and split in half. Form patties to make 12 equal size patties. On one half of patty spread the cream cheese mixture about ¼ inch from the edge. Repeat on 6 of the patties. On top of the cream cheese place the other patty. Seal the edges with your fingers. Makes 6 stuffed patties

Brush the grill vegetable oil, cook patties on med heat 4-5 min each side. Before removing patties place a cheese slice on top until just starting to melt. Lightly toast the Kaiser rolls on the grill.

Place generous amount on bottom of 6 Kaiser Rolls. Top with stuffed burger. Top the burger with a heaping of onion rings. Add 2 strips of bacon. Place a handful of pickled jalapenos on top. Add sauce to the other half of Kaiser roll and place on top. Enjoy!


If you like Jalepeno poppers, you will love this burger!!! the stuffing in side the burger makes this popper burger a lillte piece of heaven. there is alot of different textures to this burger that make it flavorful and fun to eat. You can control the heat by using jalapenos to your heat liking. my husband and I like it HOT! So the more the better. The creamy center cools down the heat from the peppers. You'll love this one!!!!