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jackies ultamite burger

my name is jacqueline and i came up with this burger one year when i was shopping for cheese and i happen to see this bottle of bbq sauce and for some reason i thought that it would make the burger really juicy,and i was right.


10lbs of ground beef
8oz bbq sauce
2pk of beefy onion soup mix
salt and pepper to taste
mix green salad
country white hamburger rolls
american cheese


Add meat,sauce and onion mix into large bowl,form patties into 8 oz patties,form patties then you want to poke atleast 6 holes to keep the burger from shrinking.cook burger to desired temp.,while doing that you want to prepare your tomatos,by slicing them about 1/2' in thickness,set aside with lettuce,cheese.when burger is at your temp.,take and place your bun on grill just to get the grill marks on your bread.remove from grill spread on mayo,place down lettuce and tom.then add cheese onto burger until it melts,placeon bun and serve.


i've been told that this is a great burger.