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Italian chicken burger

this grilled chicken burger is layered with fresh mozarella, tomatoes,red onion ,roasted red pesto,baby arugula and fresh basil mayonaise on a grilled garlic roll


1 ground chicken
2 sea salt
3 black pepper
4 fresh italian parsely
5 roasted red peppers
6 olive oil
7 parmesan cheese
8 fresh basil
9 mayo
10 lemon juice
11 tomato
12 red onion
13 baby arugula
14 fresh mozarella
15 garlic powder
16 roll


mix ground chicken ,w fresh parsely,seasalt black pepper garlic powder to taste add a little olive oil for moisture. form patties and hold in fridge until ready to grill. for the basil mayonaise In a food processor add handfull of cleaned fresh basil leaves mix until finely chopped, add mayonaise a little at a time until creamy but not runny, salt and pepper to taste. to make the the roasted red pepper pesto drain a can of roasted red peppers and put in a food prossesor and chop to a smooth conistency, add some olive oil to smotth it out, season with parmesan cheese and black pepper. grill your chicken burger until fully cooked. lightly brush some olive oil and garlic powder on a fresh roll and grill until golden.spread red pesto on bottom bread layer baby arugula top w/ chicken burger ,then thin slice of fresh mozzarella ,followed by a thin slice of tomato, & red onion last drizzle basil mayo on top and top bread,


this is a really good burger!!!