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" Innie-Outtie two-Textured Onion Fondue Burgers

This burger is unique due to rhe use of two different grinds of beef. The outer layer is a simply seasoned beef that encase a second inner burger that is a rough ground steak beef with a few surprizeslayered inside. It is easy and fast to make and very delicious. The regular beef on ousidepure and plain burger while the inside is surrounder by chedder, canned onion rings and more highly seasoned with a surprise fondue in the very center. This burger is delicious, easy and fast with a ton of beef flavor that is not overwhwlmed by too may ingredients


Store bought packaged fondue Regular grind beef chuck hamburger Steak grind beef hamburger (ground once with a 1/4 inch sausage plate,also known as "chili grind out West) Salt Grounblack pepper Crushed garlic (I use jarred) Canned fried onion rings Pre-Shredded chedder cheese


Inner Burger Season the "steak ground beef with salt,pepper, and crushed garlic to taste. take 4 ounces and place in the palm of your hand. Take a one inch cube of thfondue and completely surround it with the hamburger. then: Press as many onion rings to the outside of this inner core. Then press as much chedder around this disc. Now Season outer disc with just salt and ground black pepper to taste and surround tthe first burger with the regular ground beef making sure that tou use enough to completely cover and seal in the "innie burger with the "outie" burger and then grille.


All the ingredients are easily purchased, cheap and easy to put together it is hard to mess this one up. You can use any cut of beef hamburger but I prefer the flavor of ground chuck with about twenty per cent fat content.