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Hidden Treasure Burgers

Sirloin burgers with a burst of flavors hidden inside that will excite your tongue like no other burger ever has!


1 1/2 ground round [85% lean]
Fresh Basil {approx.1 cup]
Fresh Parsley [approx. 1 cup]
1 Large Tomato [diced] [diced tomato in can may be substituted] [should equal 1 cup]
1/4 red onion [chopped fine]
1 garlic clove [chopped fine]
1 Tbls. Balsamic vinegar
1 Tbls.olive oil
S+P to taste
Blue cheese [crumbled] [approx. 5oz.]


1.Mix meat with half the basil and parsley, set aside. 2.In seperate bowl, mix remaining basil and parsley,tomato,onion,garlic,balsamic vinegar,olive oil,and s+p.[Right before using drain off liquid] 3. Begin making burgers making sure their about 1/4 inch thick.Shape mixture into 8 patties. 4. Use about 2 tbls. tomato mixture on 4 of the patties, sprinkle blue cheese over top of mixture cover with remaining 4 patties sealing edges together with fingers. Lightly press center to flatten. 5.Heat grill. Place burgers on gas grill over med. heat or on charcoal grill 4 to 6 inches from med. coals. Cover grill. Cook 10 to 12 mins. turning once. Makes 4 burgers. Serve with large crustty rolls of choice.


Once you try these you won't want to go back to regular burgers again.