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Heart Aching Burger

This burger is so good it will make your heart ache when it’s all gone. That and well it is loaded with meat, Mayo, and some butter.


2lbs Ground beef 80% lean
Steak seasoning
Vegetable oil to oil down grilling grates
Large Onion
2 boxes Frozen Texas toast
Garlic Butter
Dried Italian seasonings (Thyme, rosemary, oregano, etc)
Head of Lettuce
Hickory Smoked Bacon


1.Preheat grill 2.Mince ¼ cup of onion 3.Mix Ground beef with 1 tablespoon of grill mates seasoning and minced onion 4.Form into patties 5.Mince garlic and combine with mayo and Italian seasoning place back into cooler 6.Rub oil on cooking grates 7.Place patties on grill 8.Place bacon in cast iron skillet on grill 9.Once patties are ¾ way done place Texas toast on grill 10.Remove bacon 11.Remove Texas toast and patties 12.Let patties rest 13.Slice onion thin 14.Tear off lettuce 15.Put Mayo mixture on the Texas toast 16.Add a slice of onion and lettuce 17.Place burger on onion and lettuce 18.Top with bacon 19.Place other piece of Texas toast with mayo mixture to top off burger 20.Serve


This is a great burger, but you can only eat one. As you can see eating to many will also make your heart ache.