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Hamburger Panini

I prepared this burger for my husband who loves burgers, and he went wild over it! A different but familiar take on the traditional Hamburger. I hope you like it as well.


1. Bakery large crusty hambburger bun
2. Ground chuck (3/4 lb for each portion)
3. Baby swiss cheese. (2 squares per burger)
4. Large Portabello mushroom cap (no stems)
5. 1 slice of large beefsteak tomato.
6. 1 slice of vidalia or other sweet onion.
Condiments only if requested, not really needed.


1. Place hamburger patties on grill or pan and prepare in according to preference. 2. Rinse portabello cap and grill as well or pan fry next to burger. 3. When burgers are done, place cheese slices on top to melt. 4. Slice onion and tomato. 5. Slice bun in half ready for ingredients. 6. Place mushroom cap on bottom half of bun. Underside of mushroom face up. 7. Place hamburger with cheese on top. 8. Finish with onion and tomato slices and top of bun. 9. Place sandwich in toaster oven (top and bottom set on toast) for a few minutes, watching closely. 10. Cut and serve with whatever side you want.


It takes our all American favorite sandwich, and gives a little switch to it, and then brings it right up to the minute by making it into a panini, a new favorite in our recipe handbook! I know that everyone who tries this simple but delicious burger will make it their all time favorite just as we have! Enjoy!