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grilled stuffed pizza burgers

My kids can never get enough of these and I let them choose their favorite pizza topping ingredients but my favorite follows.


2 lbs-lean ground beef
3/4 cup-pre-made pizza sauce (like pizza quick sauce)
1 tbsp-italian seasoning
1 8oz pkg-shredded pizza cheese blend
24 slices-small, thin sliced pepperoni
1/2-onion, chopped fine
1 7oz can-mushrooms, chopped fine
1/4 green pepper-chopped
1 loaf focaccia bread cut into six burger sized pieces


Mix first three ingredients, make into 12 equal thin patties. place small nest of cheese on six patties, lay four slices of pepperoni on top of cheese. Mix onion, mushrooms and green peppers, place heaping spoon on top of pepperoni, cover with more cheese. Lay bare pattie on top of heaped pattie and press together well making sure nothing protrudes out of meat mixture. Grill on high until seared, approx. 2 minutes, on lower rack. Move to higher rack and grill over medium heat until done, approx. 20 minutes. Place finished burgers on focaccia size buns and serve.


These are great for kids parties (with supervision) so they can make them with what they like.