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green chile whallla

arizona: we love green chile roasted on a grill layered between juicy layers of beef that has been blessed by a cabernet reduction, kissed with asiago cheese, finished with a fired toasted buttered sesame seed bun, spread with a mayo-sundried tomato spread, and of...! course....!!(wren and stimpy) topped with a ring of crisp sweet red onion. ayyyy..carrrumba.. yew gotta luv it!!!!


1.5 lbs ground chuck (for 4 burgers)
1 cup of cabernet reduced in half over heat in saute pan
one green chile per burger: roasted ahead over charcoal for 2minutes: place in ziplok bag and after 30 minutes and allows skin to crinkle: peel
mix meat (aka beef w/half tsp garlic salt per patty plus 1/4 tsp ground pepper per patty plus 1/4 of the wine reduction).
layer meat with chile with meat. charcoal (yum) while this is going on, spread butter onto buns and toast on grill, add slice of ASIAGO cheese to the carniage. preparted ahead: one part mayonaise/one part sundried tomatoes in oil blended in a food processor---at room temp. spread generous amount on fresthly grill toasted buttered sesame bun...apply carniage (aka beef-wine patty smothered in asiago cheese) top with fresh crisp full slice of sweet red onion.. oh my god!!!


read above I am not a writer I am a carniage artist!!