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Grandma's Giant Burger!

I am a grandmother of five and I have always enjoyed cooking for my own children now my grandchildren.....I love to teach them how to cook and make a fun day. I love nothing more than to make burgers and fries the American style.....and of course Apple Pie I sit down and have a big glass of Sutter Home my husband of 41 years enjoy our happy hour with a great tasting wine like Sutter Home....


(2lbs)ground chuck
(1) green pepper
(1) onion
(1) tomato
(1) bag of shedded cheese any cheese that you like.
teas salt
teas pepper
teas garlic
Homemade bun or kaiser bun


Get your grill nice and hot 2lbs of Ground Chuck mix onion/tomatoes/green peppers/and alot of shedded cheese........ Make (1) thin burger put the ingredients on top put another thin burger put some more ingredients and another thin burger. Put salt/pepper/garlic on top. Grill to your taste. Put on a homemade bun and WOW you just got a Giant Grandma Burger........


Your wine is the best.....thank you. Keep making the same don't change a thing....Judy