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George's Burgers

HI, I am Anne and I named my burgers George's burgers because my husband loves the way I prepare them. He cannot stop asking me whenever we have a gathering if I am making my burgers. Whenever we BBQ or cook inside, I prepare them the same way. The only problem I have is telling you how much of each ingredient I use. I use the sight method which is shaking or pouring an ingredient until I think it is enough (my mom is a great cook and this is the way she cooks from pasta to spaghetti and clams). This is the way I made them on Father's Day.


2 pkgs. chopped meat (packages are prepared small)
1/2 medium onion - chopped
abt. 2 tablespoons garlic powder
1/2 cup  Old Fashioned BBQ Sauce
1 teaspoon salt (not needed but some like it)
1 tablespoon black pepper


Put chopped meat in a large bowl, then add onions, garlic powder, sauce, salt, pepper and blend together. I use my hands. Take a small handful and mixture and roll into meatball, then flatten out to a hamburger. Place on BBQ and grill to desired wellness or place on pizza pan for the oven at 450 degrees for about twenty minutes. Makes about 8-9 burgers


We just had the burgers on Sunday, Father's Day. We grilled honey wheat english muffins instead of rolls and I was asked by my parents and husband if we can use the english muffins instead of hamburger rolls from now on. We are having my husband's family reunion at our home the end of June and most of the family will be traveling from Virginia, Atlanta and Alabama. Guess what one of the entrees on the menu is, yes, George's burgers. I don't think they make them this way down south which is where we had the past reunions.