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Gene's Swiss Cheese Duplex

This burger is made with two patties with folded swiss cheese in the middle. The ingredients are for three burgers.


1lb Ground chuck or ground beef 20%fat
2tbs Savory herb and garlic soup mix
1tbs red pepper flakes
2 tbs chopped sweet onions
1tsp salt 1tsp pepper
1tbs Worcestershire sauce
3 slices swiss cheese
3 Kaiser rolls
2tbs Mayonnaise
1tsp Grey poupon
1tsp chile sauce
3 slices of sweet onion


combine beef,soup mix,red pepper,salt,pepper,wocestershire,and chopped onions...thoroughly mix with hand and form 6 balls..flatten into 3 patties and take swiss cheese and foldtwice to form a square,and place on bottom top pattie and pinch and form to make 3 large patties. Grill to desired doneness..Place on Kieser roll and garnish with lettuce..sliced onion and mayo sauce.ENJOY


When forming the patties make sure you pinch the 2 to form a tight seal so cheese won t leak