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Franks Burgers

I wanted a burger with a little punch, but not a knock out blow.


1.5 Lbs. of 90/10 ground chuck

1 23 oz. Bottle of Franks Red Hot sauce

6 slices of pepper jack cheese

1 pack of Wholly Guacamole

1 Mixing bowl

1 Pack of aluminum foil

1 Outdoor grill

1 Pack of 6 Earth Grain Thin Buns

1 Head of lettuce (optional)

2 Beefsteak tomatoes (optional)

1 Vidalia Onion (optional)


1) Place the 1.5 lbs of chuck in the mixing bowl

2) Mix in about 8 oz of Franks Red Hot sauce

3) Mix the chuck and sauce by hand for about 1-2 minutes

4) Pat the mixture out into 6 patties

5) Take the aluminum foil, and make 6 individual bowls big enough to place the burgers in, and with enough to pinch the top of the foil closed.

6) Place the patties in the bowls.

7) Pour 2-3 oz of franks Red Hot sauce in each bowl, and pinch shut

8) Cook on top rack of grille, and cook on medium heat for 20-30 minutes, opening the aluminum foil several time while cooking to flip burgers

9) When the burgers are thoroughly cooked, open the foil, and place 1 slice of pepper jack cheese on each burger

10) Place each cooked burgers on 1 Earth Grain bun, add 1 tbsp of Wholly Guacamole on each burger, and if desired, lettuce, tomato, and onion


My family can't get enough of these burger. Once our summer garden is producing vegetables, they ask for these at lease once a week. The kids call them "Dad's Tabasco Burgers". We have tried to make them during the winter, but they seem to taste better on the grill, while sitting outside, and enjoying the summer with a good glass of wine.