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Foccacia Wonder Burger

This burger is a unique reciepe that I have perfected over the course of several summers of trying to grill the perfect Burger for my Family and Friends. I have named it a wonder burger, beacuse after you have tasted the first bite, you wonder if there are seconds!


5lbs ground chuck 95% lean
1/2 cup worcestershire sauce(keep handy to brush on burger's)
1tbs garlic salt
1/2 cup sour cream
1 egg
2cups crumbled sour cream & onion potato chips ( any brand~ not low fat or baked)
1 whole onion sliced ( vidallia)
2 whole tomatoes sliced
4 square foccacia bread


mix together the ground chuck with the worchester sauce, garlic salt, sour cream, egg, and the potato chips. Mix well. Form 6 patties. heat grill and grill the burgers. While they are grilling continue to baste with worchester sauce. Grill until burgers are no longer pink inside and juices are clear. SLice focaccia in half and place on grill inside downs for about 5 minutes. place a burger on one slice of the bread. spread mayo and ketchup on other side of foccacia. place onion/tomato slices on burger. slice in half Enjoy!!


These burgers go well with a nice potato salad and fruit!