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Fleet's Someone Slap Me Burger

CAUTION-When eating these burger's pleases allow enough room between diners to lessen the temptaion to reach over and slap someone,because the burgers are that good.


2lbs.Ground chuck,
1lb Ground Sirlion,
1lb. Ground Ribeye,
8 large cloves of finely minced garlic,
1tbl. freshly ground cumin,
3-4 tbl.  Creole Seasoning,
3tbl. Worcestershire sauce,
1c.Sutter home merlot,
fresh lettuce,
grilled onions(Texas 1015's or any other sweet onions you have available).
Sweet and spicy breed and butter pickles,
smoked Fontina cheese 
toasted Chaibatta bread cut into bun size portions.
Quality condiments of your choosing. please NO KETCHUP


Mix the first 8 ingredients well.Form into 1/2lb. patties then refrigerate until charcoals are ready( Kingsford Meqiute are recomended).Or make the patties the night before to allow the wine and seasonings to really work into the meat.Slice and brush the onions with a little Canola oil and grill or caramalize in a saute pan,then set aside.Slice and toast or grill your bread.Then build your burger useing the condiments and fixings mentioned and wait for the fight to breakout.


The chef nor I should be held responsible for any physical assaults that may occur from your guest eating one of these burgers.