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Fiesta Burger

This burger recipe was inspired by our famous 7 Layer Fiesta Dip. It seemed like a dip that tasted so delicious should transfer over and make a great burger.


36 oz. 80/20 ground beef
3 tablespoons ground black pepper
3 tablespoons worchestershire sauce
vegetable oil
lg. beefsteak tomato (sliced thin)
8 oz. sour cream
8 oz. mayonaise
1 packet taco seasoning mix
4 jalapenos (seeded and chopped fine)
black bean dip
shredded colby/jack cheese
hamburger/sandwich buns


1. Mix ground beef, ground black pepper, and worcetshire sauce together. 2. Divide ground beef mixture into six, 6 oz. hamburger patties (patties should be wide enough to fill large bun). 3. Oil grate on the grill to minimize sticking. 4. Slice tomato into thin slices. 5. Combine sour cream, mayonaise, and taco seasoning - mix well with spoon. 6. Seed and finely chop jalapenos. 7. Season patties liberally with salt on both sides. 8. Cook hamburger patties over medium to high heat approximately 4 - 5 minutes per side (until almost medium). 9. Spread layer of black bean dip on top of hamburger patties still on grill. 10. Top burgers with shredded colby/jack cheese (on top of bean dip). 11. Place hamburger/sandwich buns on grill to lightly toast. 12. Cover grill to assist in quick melting of cheese. 13. Remove burgers from grill and let stand. 14. Remove buns from grill. 15. Spread layer of guacamole on bottom bun. 16. Place hamburger pattie on top of guacamole layer. 17. Place thin slice of tomato on top of burger. 18. Spread layer of sour cream/mayo/taco mixture on the top bun. 19. Sprinkle chopped jalapenos onto sour cream/mayo/taco mixture. 20. Place top portion of the bun on top of the completed hamburger pattie. 21. Cut hamburger in half.


Layers of guacamole, taco/sour cream/may mixture, and bean dip should be more than just a thin layer (approximately 2 tablespoons worth. Bean dip should be of a higher quality/ gourmet variety if possible. Guacamole should not be a processed spread.