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Delicious Spicy Turkey Burger

Here is an alterative to the beef hamburger with turkey. My daughter says it is the best burger she has ever eaten. This recipe doesn't cost very much money and it is so good.


2 lbs ground turkey
5 cloves of garlic chopped finely
1 med.-sm. onion grated
5 oz. chopped finely mushrooms
3 Tb. Worcestershire sauce
2 Tb. cabernet wine
Bayou Blast Seasonings:
2 1/2 Tb paprika
2 Tb. salt
2 Tb. garlic powder
1 Tb. black pepper
1 Tb. onion powder
1 Tb. cayenne pepper
1 Tb. dried oregano
1 Tb. dried thyme


Directions: Prepare med-hot fire on grill with cover. To make the patties: Mix the meat, garlic, onion, mushrooms, Worcestershire sauce, and wine. Divide into 6 equal portions and form patties. Sprinkle with seasoning. When grill ready, (use smaller seafood grill on top so patties remain firm while cooking) brush with oil. Place patties on grill and cover and cook 5-7 minutes on each side. Lightly toast rolls during last minute of cooking.


This is a great easy, economical meal to feed company for dinner.