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Crisp and Jucy

Some like a thick jucy jucy burger, some like a thin crisp burger, and most like a burger that is both. Some hint of unusual taste adds to the conversation that often includes the notation that 'this is good - but it sure isn't health food'.


per burger:
1/3 lb of 75% lean ground beef.
2 TBSP hot pure pork sausage.
1 slice of blue cheese.
Wheat bun.
4 TBSP Banana peppers.
One slice of tomato.
2 leaves of Ice burg lettuce.


Crisp and Juicy Preparation: Mix the ground beef and sausage, make one very thin patty out of 1/3 of the mixture and a second patty, twice as thick, out or the remaining 2/3. Wrap the thick patty (individually) in aluminum foil and Bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes. Fry the thin patty on a hot pancake grill (solid) until crisp. On a cooler portion of the grill, melt the cheese on the crisp patty. Place the baked thick patty on top of the cheese, and place the result on the bun. Salt tomato and add to bun. Add lettuce, and banana peppers. Add condiments to suit personal taste


Enjoy this burger withthout guilt today, we'll eat healthy tomorrow...