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Chili bluecheese burger

Southwestern flavor brought to life through a burger


2lbs lean hamburger meat
salt & pepper to taste
dash of chipotle pepper
4 TBS Sutter Home cabernet sauvignon
4TBS crumbled blue cheese
2 cans of whole ortega chillies, sliced
(1 per hamburger)


Mix hamburger meat with salt, pepper, chipotle pepper,Sutter Home cabernet sauvignon. Divide meat mixture into 8 thin patties.Take 4 patties, sprinkle with 1 TBS blue cheese, cover with sliced open chilli. Place another thin meat pattie on top of the prepaired one, seal hamburger patties together all the way around. Grill over Bar-B-Q until done to taste. Lightly grill buns, spread buns with Grey Poupon mustard to taste.


Enjoy the flavor and taste of the American Soputhwest.