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cc's burger

hi, my name is carol and i am many people. i am a wife, mother, grandmother, aunt, sister, friend, well i think you have the idea. i like to cook but after 41 years of doing it oh wow. it sure can get old. but i do love my burger and so if i want to have one it sure better be a superb one. if you want any more info let me know. thanks carol a casertano


ground beef 1 1/2 lbs(85% fat free)
dash of oregano,parsley,basil,ground pepper,red pepper flakes. minced garlic cloves(3 or 4 to your liking)
mushed with
dash of salt until ground well.
2 tablespoons of worsteshire sauce.


Gently mix all ingredients together. Not too much mixing. Score with hand into 4 patties. can always be frozen at this point for later dining. But who can wait. Broil on grill and of course cc wil always add some cheese of any kind or liking to hers!! Enjoy!!


cc loves burgers and can always create a new one just as she moves around her new kitchen that she just got done after 29 years in her home in tucson,az. burgers and champagne, what a lovely meal.