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Burger with a pocket

This is a wonderful way to have a great picnic, barbaque, inside or out. Each person is given the bottom patty of 98% fat free ground beef - a pocket is made in that part. The individual person selects items to be put into it, and than the top patty is put over the first patty and it is sealed and cooked until done for each individuals tast.


1/2 pound 98% fat free ground beef per person.
1 egg for each
1/2 pound Lemon
pepper, salt, pepper,& celery salt
Shreded sharp cheddar cheese
Red,green and yellow peppers cut very fine.
Onion chopped very fine.
Each person can select the items they want on their burger. When ready to serve top with lettuce and tomato, ketchup or mustard.


Mix each pound of ground beef with 2 beaten eggs and the seasonings desired. Make a large patty thick enough to make an indentation in to select the ingredients, such as cheese, peppers & onions. Place another patty on top and seal around the edges. Cook on a grill, grill in the oven, or in an electric fry pan until done to the persons desire. Each person can select a colored toothpick to stick in theirs. (Of course they must remember their color - or write it down on a tally sheet). Place on a bun and top with lettuce, tomato, ketchup, or mustard. If people want a small patty just make it smaller, but one can not put as much in the center.


This works great for a patio party, I would have the meat and eggs mixed along with the seasoning. It lets each person use his/her own imagination. They are often a great conversation piece. One will find that they are invited to another party and they might even have something different for the filling. People love the idea and everyone gets to be a part of the preparation.