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Burger Supreme

This burger is a little different. It's called the Burger Supreme because of the suprise inside of the Burger. Sausage and goat cheese crumbles are stuffed inside the patty. Just when you think it's a normal plain burger you get this burst of flavor from the inside that a little salty and a little sweet, and it doesnt' hurt that the patty is topped with sauteed mushrooms and red peppers and surved on a portugese roll toased and rubbed with garlic.


To make 12 burgers
1. 2 bottles steak sauce
2. 2 lemon squeezed
3. 1 cup worstershire sauce
4. 2 tbsp hot sauce
5. 6lbs ground beef
6. adobo seasoning
7. 1 lb crumbled sausage
8. 2 lbs of crumbled goat cheese
9. 1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil
10. 4 cups sliced baby portabella mushrooms
11.3 red bell peppers
12.12 portugese rolls
13.4 cloves garlic


combine steak sauce, lemon juice, worchestershire sauce, and hot sauce into a medium size mixing bowl. mix together crumbles of sausage and goat cheese in a small bowl assemble 24 patties. season patties with goya seasoning on both sides. place a small handfull of sausage and cheese combo in the middle of one patty. place another patty on top and close the edges. in a skillet heat olive oil and sautee mushrooms and red peppers dunk each patty into sauce mixture and place on grill. use extra sauce for basting the patties. toast patties on the outside of grill after toasted rub the top and bottoms with garlic assemble burger as follows bottom bun patty mushrooms peppers top bun


The mixture of flavors should be blended well when the first bite is taken. This is one that you'll remember and always want to eat later.