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Burger by Design

Burgers have been an American way of life. There are those burger that are healthy and those that are "really bad" but they are usually scrumpous. Why not create a burger that can offer one everything? And who else can make a burger just right than the person eating it! Burger by design is my creation from years of eating so many different types, kinds and sizes of hamburger. It offers space for addition of ingredients and removal of some depending on the person making the burger and or eating the burger. It is simple but so delicious. And last but not least, a good cold glass of white wine adds that extra touch. I prefer Fume Blanc.


Fresh ground sirloin
lettuce, romaine
cheese, yellow or provolone.
Fresh speciality hamburger buns
portabella mushrooms
smart butter
Lite Mayonaise


Cover frying pan bottom with salt and pepper. Make separate balls of the hamburger. Let set while you place mushrooms (already cleaned) in a frying pan with a tablespoon of butter and simmer while cooking burgers. Heat frying pan on moderate high heat. Place hamburger balls in pan and flatten with spatula. While burger is cooking, slice buns. Butter first spread mayonaise next on both sides. Slice tomato cleaned lettuce on other side of bun Ocasionally press burgers while cooking and turn when cooked to your liking. (Rare, medium rare or well done.) After turning burgers add cheese, one to two slices on each burger. Cook for two or more minutes as desired and turn off heat and let set for three minutes. Whe time is up place each burger on a bun and add the mushrooms desired to each burger. Cover burger with other side or top of bun and cut in half before serving if desired. Add pickles for garnish.


This is a easy recipe and leaves one with the ability to add or take away more ingredients to their desire. It is important to let the burgers stand at least a couple of minutes in the pan. Bon Appetite!