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breakfast burger

This burger combines the great taste of beef with a breakfast flare.


1 lb. ground beef
2 tblsp. butter
4 eggs
6-8 slabs of applewood bacon
monterey jack cheese
salt and pepper to taste
any condiments preferred
keyser rolls (toasted)


combine ground beef with salt and pepper to taste. form into 4 patties. in a fry pan melt the butter. place the patties in the fry pan and cook to preferred wellnes. in a small bowl crack the eggs you may scramble them or leave them for sunny side up . again this is consumer preference. set aside. while the patties are cooking you can prepare your bacon in the microwave. i usually use 2 slabs of bacon per sandwich. but cook the bacon until crisp. once patties are done to your likeness use a clean skillet and prepare your eggs just the way you like them. I prefer mine sunny side up but you decide your favorite. now, while the eggs are cooking and the bacon is getting crisp quickly toast your rolls. once everything is cooked just combine to make the perfect breakfast burger. use any condiment you'd like or nothing at all . its up to you.


again this recipe can be adjusted to anyones preference. hope you enjoy