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Bonanza Burgers

The idea behind these burgers arose because I was sick of just a burger with some salt and pepper and chese like my dads old ones. I wanted something that made my mouth water on every bite. Since I liked veggies on my burger and a little spice to everything I eat the Bonanza Burger is what came from that. They seem to eat lighter and sit lighter in you stomach when you are done and always leave you wanting more. I hope you all enjoy!


1 pound lean ground round (ideally 95/5)
1 red onion
1 small pkg of mushrooms (white)
1-2 fresh jalapinos
2 cloves fresh garlic Garlic
Options: Crumbled blue cheese or any cheese for that matter.


Add burger to to large mixing bowl. Dice up onion, mushrooms, jalapinos and garlic - add to mixing bowl. add garlic salt and pepper to taste add about 6-8 dashes of worchestershire add about a 4 second pour of bourbon Mix using hands, kind of like kneading bread Place in fridge for at least an hour, the longer the better - can also make patties right away if time is of the essence. Remove mix from fridge, make 4-6 patties and place on grill (low) 4-5 minutes on each side (depending on thickness or desired redness) Add cheese if desired with about a minute to go on the final side. remove from grill and serve.


Don't be afraid of the jalapinos, they add a great flavor and the spice of the pepper actually cooks out nicely (my girlfriend even eats them and she is not a fan of spicey food). Some grillers will smoosh the burgers while on the grill with a spatula, I don't do this cause it squeezes all of the juices out, and that is what this burger is all about. There is nothing fancy to this but the end result is a better burger that tastes great and all of your friends and family will rave about. These are great between a bun with the traditional toppings (tomatoes, lettuce, ketchup, mustard, mayo, bacon, etc.) they are also great bunless with slasa or ketchup and mustard.