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Blue Cheese/Chipotle Stuffed Southern California Burger

I came up with the recipe 2 years ago, after watching the 2004 Build a Better Burger Cookoff on Food TV. I just thought of what flavors I liked, then just put them together. A little heat, the coolness of the Avocado, and liquid cheese. How can it be a bad burger?


3 lbs Ground Sirloin
3 Tbl Worcestershire Sauce
1 Pkg Onion Soup Mix
Salt and Pepper to taste
1 6 oz Container Blue Cheese Crumbles
3 Tbl Chipotle Sauce
1 Red Onion – Sliced
2 Avocados – Sliced
1 Jar Monterey Jack Cheese Sauce
1 Pkg Onion Buns


Combine meat, Worcestershire sauce, Soup Mix, salt and pepper in a mixing bowl. When thoroughly mixed, form 12 ¼ lb patties. In a smaller bowl, combine Blue Cheese and Chipotle sauce. Mix well. Place a small amount of Blue Cheese mixture on a patty. Take a second patty and place on top of the first. Seal the edges. Continue to make 6 complete burgers. Have charcoal divided on grill to make Medium and Low heat zones. On the medium side of the grill, place patties. Cook to desired doneness. Move between medium and low sides of grill to keep from burning, or losing the filling. While burgers are cooking, slice Avocados and Onions. Have ready to dress burgers. When the burgers are getting close to desired doneness, place Onion buns face down on grill. Watch closely to keep from burning. Once complete, take burger and place on bun. Top with Red Onion slice, Avocado slices, and at least a spoonful of  Monterey Jack Cheese Sauce. Serve warm. Makes 6 Burgers


A lot of my mixing is done freehand. I know that does not bode well for a recipe, but it does make the burgers tasty! I hope you enjoy! Regards, Luther