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Blue Cheese Bacon Burger

Since we LOVE to grill out I created this recipe to avoid having the "Same Ole Burger" is now a favorite of friends and family.


4 pounds of fresh ground chuck
1 small red onion diced fine
1 cup liquid smoke
16 oz crumbled Blue Cheese
1 pound of Bacon cut into small pieces with kitchen shears
1 Pkg Hamburger Buns


Combine Fresh ground chuck with diced red onion, liguid smoke, blue cheese crumbles and fresh bacon and form into patties.... Heat grill and just before placing burgers on heated grill brush grill with veg. oil ( this will help burgers to not stick ) cook burgers to your liking...I prefer this burger well done..... Avoid Pressing burgers with spatula as this will press out all the delious juices inside your burger..... Lightly toast hamburger bun on grill. This burger is so good I hate to ruin it with any toppings....But if you must lettuce and sour cream are a alternative choice to the average !! ENJOY


I hope you will enjoy this delious burger as much as we do.