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Black & Blue Burger

My girlfriend makes great burgers all the time. And I love them but they are tad heavy for me. So I founds some ways the freshen it up. It's different but the flavors just blend together. And it is simply. Most reciepes are so complex that I feel that sounds great but more then likely I would never make them. So I keep it simple.


ciabatta roll
olive oil
simple Hamburger meat
2 garlic cloves minced
cajun spices
one lemon wedge
blue cheese crumbles


1.) Cut ciabatta roll in half and brush with olive oil place and sit. 2.)Mix a few shakes cajun spices and minced garlic cloves togetherwith he juice of one lemon wedge and then mix with hamburger meat. Let it sit and blend. 3.) Cook 3 stripes of crisp bacon in pan for each burger. 4.) Take hamburger meat and form into pattis and place on grill. Cool til you like the meat done. we do medium rare. 5.) while patti still on grill place three stripes of bacon on each patti top off with blue cheese crumbles and let melt. 6.) While cheese is melting place ciabatta bread on grill olive oil side down. 7.) When cheese is melted and bead toasted you put the patti on bottom bun place a tomate slice with a few slivers of avocado and your ready.....


I love this burger because when I give the reciepe to friends they make changes and improvement. You can add tons of cajun spice and fire it up or not. Add cheese or mayo. Anything goes, even if you can't get ciabatta. Do it on sourdough, potatoe roll or just a plain bun. And is great with a glass of wine. (ie. merlot, rislely, or white wine.) even a beer.... I make fruit salad or coleslaw on the side..... It's fun and EASY!!!!!! when I am having friends I want the food to be nice and different but not take a huge amount of time to get ready and cook. I always have bacon thats done and ready to go. So most of the time it heats up on the grill while cheese is melting..... I hope you like. It sound funny but taste wonderful, give it a try...