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Bison Burger Deluxe

No compromising your love of red meat to deal with Fat Issues.What is more American meat than Buffalo


2 #


LIght grill to 475 degrees or very hot . Mix bison ,worcestershire, garlic , paprika , au jus powder,salt and pepper. Work the ingredients together thoroughly. Tear off 6 equal parts of the mixture . First roll each like a meatball and then patty it out. Splash some oil into your palms and rub pattties lightly over with the oil. Place meat gently onto the HOT HOT grill to sear 1 minute . Flip and sear second side additional minute. Turn temperature down to 400 degees and cook 5 more minutes each side for medium rare. (less fat = denser meat & takes a little longer to cook than beef ) While these are grilling. split the rolls and spread with butter. After the burgers have been removed to a heated platter, put bread under grill hood to get crisp outside and melt butter inside - About 3 minutes. Open rolls and set bugers onto them.Top burgers in this order -shake of salt and pepper - squeeze of ketchup - pickles - then onion slices- put the top on - grab it and eat it....mmmmm !


The oil rub is especially important as bison has hardly any fat. In order to sear properly fat must be present but here you get to choose a good fat to add. Bison can be