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bella caprese

I am a vegetarian who is all about flavor!!! Many of my friends and family have eaten this and don't miss the meat at all.


Soy burger patties(Boca flame-grilled)
Ciabatta rolls
provolone cheese
tomato slices
red onion slices
balsamic glaze drizzle


1.spread pesto onto top and bottom of ciabatta roll
2.melt provolone onto cooked soy patty patty with cheese onto bun and top with tomato slice,lettuce and red onions
4.drizzle tomato,lettuce and onion with balsamic glaze top of bun on and enjoy!


On behalf of all of us non-meat eaters I'd like "burgers" like this that take just a little thought and creativity to become a larger part of mainstream thinking and acceptance :)