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Belfast Black & Blue Burger

The blue cheese and avocado balance the spice of the blacken seasoning and the bacon adds flavor, the red onion, tomato & lettuce complete the sandwich. Pub roll does not fall apart like a regular hamburger bun.


1/3 lb. Burger
1 tablespoon blackening seasoning
2 strips thick bacon
1/4 large Hass avocado, scliced
2 oz of blue cheese crumbles mixed w/1/2 oz mayo
1 thin slice red onion
2 thin slices tomato
green leaf lettuce
sesame pub bun


cook bacon and set aside
spray cooking oil & coat both sides of burger w/ blackening season
cook burger until juices run clear
lightly butter bun and grill until light brown
set cooked burger on bottom bun
top with blue cheese mayo mixture
top with two slices of cooked bacon
add avocado slices
add red onion
add tomato
add green leaf
add top of bun


use long frill picks to hold together