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BBQ burger

I found this resipe thru trial and era in my kitchen cooking one day. I was tired of flat no taste burgers. So i decided to make something that would have everone talking about. When it was all over every one left happy and content with a big smile on their faces.


1.75%hamburger 1 pound
2.BBQ Sauce 1 cup
3.1 red onion
4.1 cup of straberries rippen
5.1teaspoon of cummin powder
6.1 cup of weschire sauce
7.1teaspoon of season salt
8.1teaspoon of original spices
9.1 teaspoon of celery seeds


Mix in your hambuger, BBQ sauce, cummin powder, season salts and mrs dash together alone with the celery seeds. Than you add your weschire sauce, and than sit it a side for 15 to 20 minutes. While the ingrients are merination put your onion in a food procesor to chop really fine. Also add the onions to your meat. Than you cut up your straberries and put half in the food processor and puree it. You than put your grill to cook until done. After the burger is done you dress it with straberries slices bbq sauce and lectuce and tomato slices how ever you like it.


I hope this recipe will make people happy like it have made many of my friends and family. If i win the 50,000 i always dreamed of owning my first house. So it will be a nice down payment on a house.