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Bacon, lettuce and fried green tomatoe burger

Being from Alabama, I know fried green tomatoes. I am known in my community as a former school board member and currently on the city council. No one recognizes me as an outstanding cook but my family. They know I can make the best fried green tomatoes. You can't get good fried green tomatoes in restaurants. I began making a bacon, lettuce and fried green tomato sandwich and then added the burger. When I saw this ad I thought why not.


Ground chuck
Soy sauce
red leaf lettuce
green tomato


Slice green tomatoes very thin on wax paper and salt and pepper. Brown ground chuck patties seasoned with garlic salt and soy sauce. Fry bacon and drain. Dredge tomatoes in a mixture of white corn meal and flour. Add vegetable oil to bacon grease and get very hot. Cook tomatoes in hot oil and drain. Make burger with beef patty, lettuce, bacon and fried green tomatoes. Add mustard, ketchup and mayonnaise as desired I like home made mayonnaise.


The secret is seasoning of the burger and cooking the fried green tomato.