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Avocado Bacon Chedder

This is not a burger you can find in a restauraunt. It is the best buger you can make at home. Teenagers love it (I know from experience).


1. Grilled Onion Bun
2. Squirt of Ketchup
3. Squirt of Mustard
4. 100% Beef patty
5. Tillamook Medium Chedder
6. Beef Steak Tomato
7. 4 wedges of Avocado
8. 2 slices of Bacon cut in half
9. 3 slices of Bread and Butter pickles
10. Top bun
11. Worcestershire sauce


1.Grill patty , after 5 minutes of cooking, splash Worcestershire on top side. Flip and cook to liking. 2.Slice chedder into 1/8 in slices. Set aside 3.Cut tomato into 1/4in. slices. Set aside 4.Cut 4 wedges of avocado. Set aside 5.Take your bacon and cut 2 pieces in half. Set aside 6.Take a half of a Bread and Butter pickle and cut off 3 slices. Set them aside 7. Grill the bun on the grill. 8.Spread ketchup and mustard on bun. 9.Place patty 10.Place chedder, tomato, avocado, bacon, and pickles on the patty. 11.Add a little more Worcestershire. 12.Put the top bun on. 13.Eat 14.Enjoy