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asian fire burgers

2 1/2lbs ground sirloin 1/2lbs ground pork 1tbs minced ginger 1tbs minced garlic 1/2tbs crushed red pepper flakes(hot) 3/4cup soy sauce 3tbsbutter 11/2tbs dark seasme oil 12ozs shlitake mushrooms(remove steams) 1/4cup spring onions(green parts) 11/2cup mayo 2tbs wasabi pinch salt/pepper 1cup chinese cabbage 1cup red cabbage 6 black seasme buns


2-1/2lbs ground sirlion
1/2lbs ground pork
1tbs minced ginger
1tbs minced garlic
1tbs crushed red pepper flakes
3/4cup soy sauce
1-1/2tbs dark seasme oil
12oz shlitake mushrooms(remove steams)
1/4 cup spring onions(green part)
1-1/2 cup mayo
2tbs wasabi pinch salt and pepper
1 cup chinese cabbage
1 cup red cabbage
6 black seasme seed buns


mix the meat mixture by gently folding in to not over mix. mix ground sirlion with ground pork next mixin ginger, garlic,red pepper flakes and soy sauce form six on oiled grill 6-7 minutes on each side until completed saute butter,dark seasme oil and mushrooms and green onions until tender.set aside. mix the asian slaw mixture mix together mayo and wasabi and 1tsp minced garlic tosswith chinese cabbage and red cabbage. butter and toast the buns assemble the burgers start with placing the burger on the buns then place mushroom and onion mixture on top of each burger the place the asian slaw mixture on top of mushroom mixture top with black seasme seed bun.


this is not fo whimps!!!!!!this burger has alot of heat and big flavors with the wasabi asain slaw to the r