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All Ya Need Is Love & This Burger

i made this for my Bride our 1st Summer together,,6 months after my succesful Liver Transplant,,, Her wonderful sister Laurie, gave us a grill for my Wife's Birthday & all i do now is grill to please my Wife,,,, She nursed me back for over 6 months & a good year before the operation when i was so sick,,, so this is her favorite thing i grill,,,


one LB Ground Sirloin
one egg
fresh mushrooms
Vidalia Onions
Hot sauce
kosher salt & Fresh Ground Pepper
dry mustard
Golden Mustard
jabanero pepper cheeze ( optional )


beat the egg,, pour into the ground sirloin,,, add the spices & sprinkle the Hot Sauce into it,,,, mush it together well,,,, then cut up the onions & mushrooms into small but NOT tiny pieces,,,, smaller than chunks but substantial enough that they are noticible,,, add the veggies to the meat/spices/egg mixture,,, & mix well,,, form the patties,, NOT small weenie patties but not oversized either,,,"JUST RIGHT PATTIES " grill,, till the shrooms & onions seem "mushade",,,, add the cheeze slices if preferred,,, & ENJOY !!!!!!!


even if i dont win,,,try these,,, YOU WON'T BE SORRY,,, thanks for your time & consideration,,,  in honor of my Wife,,, Barrie