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Alcopulco Burger

This Burger explodes with flavors of fresh green cilantro, refreshing lime and the creaminess of ripened avacado paired with the earthy taste of fire grilled beef on a warm grilled roll.


1 Ground beef
2 Fresh Cilantro
3 Fresh lime juice
4 Mayonaise
5 ripe avacado
6 red onion
7 lettuce
8 tomato
9 roll
10 fresh cracked pepper
11 sea salt
12 olive oil


start by making the cilantro lime sauce
soak a bunch of cilanto in a bowl of water to realease any sand , and remove the long stems. place cilantro in food proccesor and chop very fine, next squeeze about 3 fresh limes and a few cups of mayonaise, seasalt and fresh cracked pepper mis until creamy. hold sauce in fridge until ready to use.
slice red onion and fresh tomato sliver thin.
prepare slices of ripe avacado

season the fresh groung beef with cracked pepper& sea salt to taste, form into a patty about 1/2 in thick.grill burger to desired doneness.
grill a roll brush with olive oil and
stack burger w/let,tom ,onion,avacado and cilantro lime dressing.


i dont have the exact measurments because i always do it by eye, smell and taste , but i can be more exact if needed.