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This burger is for burger lovers only and is one of the best that you will ever eat, or try to. From bacon to wine to the best of cheese, along with smoker sausage and muchrooms, it is certainly something to behold. Even the bun is special due to the garlic and butter and a light dipping in wine and a smoked taste, due to the grilling with cheese on top. It will make any brand of Sutter Home Wine a highlight.


Ground fresh brisket
Smoked Sausage
Portabello Mushrooms
Cheese, Several Brands
Dill Pickles
Beef Bullion Cube, and Seasonings


Grind Brisket 3lbs
Grind Smoked Sausage,1lb and add together.Mix together with blue cheese, 1/4 cup wine, and 1/2 cup cooked bacon.
Grill onion on grill with beef bullion cube and butter.Grill muchrooms on grill with butter.
Grill the meat and set aside
When onion is done, cut up in strips.
When muchrooms are done cut up in strips.
Grill Buns on the grill with garlic, butter and dipped lightly in wine.
Cut the dill pickles with a potato pealer or sharp knife in extremely small pieces. Cut lettuce in extremely small strips also.
Cut tomato in small strips, using only the hard part of the tomato, no seeds.
When all is done, put mayonaise on the bun, grilled meat,mushrooms, onions, lettuce,tomato,two strips of bacon , and melted cheese.


This wil be the best burger you could ever eat. I thought it up and added to it over the years while cooking for a bass club in florida. One of the best tasting burgers ever. Everyone wants me to open a cafe and serve it with your favorite glass of wine. Of couse, looking at the wording does not do this burger justice. You must try it and see for your self. However, I am a cook that does not measure anything and that is why it taste so good. I will be glad to cook it for you and you can see for yourself. Many people have tried to copy it but without any luck. You have to know just when to add and when to put it all together to make it taste just right. I know you will enjoy it when you try it, if you do. thanks