Marisa de los Santos’ Puto Maya with Mangoes

Wine Varietal: Gewurztraminer

Pen eats this for breakfast in the Philippines, as do I—greedily–every time I go there, every chance I get!  We call it “sticky rice” and serve it with a mango sliced in half (discard the seed only after you’ve gnawed all the mango flesh off of it) and eaten, Filipino-style, with a spoon.  Most Filipino breakfasts also include a kind of bittersweet chocolate calledsikwate, but you can substitute regular hot chocolate.  Cebu has the best mangoes in the world, but I have never found them in grocery stores here.  Try to get the small, kidney-shaped yellow ones, instead of the larger red and gold ones. 

Be sure to use a glutinous variety of rice, like the kind used for sushi.  It’s important that the grains stick together!  I use Kokuho Rose.