Double Bacon Canadian Maple

Wine Varietal: White Zinfandel

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18 oz. Fresh Ground Sirloin
18 oz. Fresh Ground Chuck (83/17)
12 oz. Fresh Ground Maple Sausage

12 Slices Thick Cut Maple Bacon
6 Slices Thick Cut Canadian bacon

2 Lg. Apples in Season – Cored and sliced into 24 equal slices
6 1.5 oz. Slices of A good Smoked Cheddar – (“Smoked Canadian Cheddar” – by Sprinbank Cheese Co. is a very good choice)

6 Lg Fresh deli Kaiser Buns
7 TBLS of Real Butter
6 Leaf Lettuce Leaves
6 Slices of Tomato


Step 1. – Evenly combine all of the fresh ground meat in a LG. mixing bowl
Step 2. – Form into 6 8 oz. Patties. Do not over compress. Cover w/ wrap.
Step 3. – Turn grill on to med heat.
Step 4. – Grill the Maple Bacon on bottom rack for 2 mins ea. At same time place the Canadian Bacon on top rack. After the 4 mins place the Maple Bacon on top rack evenly spread out over the grill.
Step 5. – Place the Burger patties on the bottom grill rack and cook evenly on each side for 3-4 mins. (Med) 4-5 mins each side (Med/Well)
Step 6. – W/ a med saute pan melt 1 TBLS of butter and saute the Apple slices till they are tender w/ a slight crispness left in them.
Step 7. – While Burgers are cooking Butter the buns top and bottom.
once the Patties are done place on top rack.
Step 8. – Place buns butter side down on grill.
Step 9. – While buns are toasting top the burger patties with 2 slice ea. of the Maple Bacon then w/ 1 slice of the Cheese next with 4 slices of the sauteed apples then 1 slice of Canadian Bacon.
Step 10. – Place the toasted buns on a plate, set the Burgers on the bottom bun and top with the Lettuce & Tomato.