Memorial Day: Originally Known as Decoration Day

Memorial Day

Memorial Day, originally called Decoration Day, was a way to honor the 620,000 Civil War soldiers on both sides who gave their lives. The true significance of Decoration Day started in 1864, when women from Boalsburg, Pennsylvania took it upon themselves to place flowers as decoration on the grave sites of loved ones who had recently ben in the Battle of Gettysburg. The following year, more women did the same thing in the Vicksburg, Mississippi cemetery. This show of solidarity continued to swell across America as more and more friends and families of military personal wanted to show their respect to all those who served our country. ​ ​

Fast forward to 1971, when congress declared Memorial Day a National Holiday. Making it a federal holiday, would ensure that everyone who gave their life to defend our country and our freedom would never be forgotten. ​ ​

This Memorial Day, and really every day, we give thanks to all the soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines deployed overseas, to their children left behind, and to new recruits, veterans, first responders, wounded warriors and their care givers. ​ ​ 

Yes, Sutter Home salutes all of you.

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