Entertainment Tips: Carly’s Gift

Several years ago, when my culinary mishaps became more memorable than my successes, I finally had to admit that I’m good at a lot of things, but gourmet cooking isn’t one of them. That’s when I started collecting and making up recipes that were easy, but exceptionable. After all, it’s the company and conversation that make an evening successful. Food comes in a distant second compared to them. 

There is one unbreakable rule to my simple entertaining mantra, however, use only the best ingredients. For instance, I did a lot of taste testing over a lot of years before settling on the olive oil I use in the pasta sauce recipe. It’s from a small, independently owned, mail order company in California – Olivas de Oro. The tomatoes, garlic, and basil are always fresh, and the absolute best I can find. And, without question, the wine is always Sutter Home!

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