Sutter Home Wines: How Sweet Are We?

| Posted by Megan for Sutter Home

Have you ever wondered which of our wines are sweeter than others? Or which one is best suited to your taste? Use our Sutter Home Wines sweetness scale to help choose your next sweet wine! Use this scale to help you move from sweeter wines to drier wines and back again. As you taste through each wine, think: "Why do I like this?" That will help you decide which type of Sutter Home wine you should try next.


Submitted by Megan on

@Marion & @Dianne - Click the image to enlarge! The wine type is also listed along the left side of the bottle image.

Submitted by sandy lewis on

I have tried the bubbly moscato. I enjoy it.

Submitted by Dianne on

This is a great idea but it's soooo small - can you put up a version where we can actually read the labels???

Submitted by Marion SLimmer on

how do I see the names of the sweet wines I could try

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