Sutter Home for Hope 2012: List of Honor

| Posted by Megan for Sutter Home

Last year we started a List of Honor where people can leave names in the comments on our blog, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest of someone close to them, or themselves, to honor in Sutter Home for Hope. We have updated this list to include those we've collected so far this year. If you'd like to honor someone, please leave their name!


Submitted by Linda Roe on

Linda Roe - Surviving year 1
Terri Hart-Smith - 7 years clean

Submitted by Deanna on

In memory of my Great Grandmother Alexina Gervais- Vandersypen, Grandmother Hazel Olson - Patterson,Aunt Joyce Patterson-Huffman

Submitted by beth titus on

In memory of my Mother in law- Mary Fay Titus

Submitted by Nikki Horr on

Tina Lightle- survivor :)

Submitted by Nikki Horr on

In memory of my friend Deborah Persall

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