Women's Friendship Week

| Posted by Megan for Sutter Home

Good friends are like stars.  You don’t always see them but you know they’re always there.

Let's celebrate friends! Leave your best friend's name in the comments and a note about why you enjoy their company.


Submitted by Karen Miles on

Beth Mayfield. She is a true and dear friend. Surgery was needed for me and finances was a issue. We've been dicussing the importance of this surgery and the closer the time came to make the decision whether to have it or not, she (Beth) made the decision for me. And I had the surgery and now I am fine and no repayment is to be giving to this wonderful lady she says to considered this as a gift, a gift of life. This woman has a heart of gold, she is my angel from the heavan. Our faith in God is strong and God does anwser prayers thats why he (God) made her (Beth)my friend for life. Love her!!!!!!

Submitted by Anonymous on

Leisel- although she's stupid,weird and annoying, we are together! I love everything about her! She has no idea how much she actually means to me! She just thinks I am her best friend but she's my sister! I won't forget you! Ill take you in my heart to the grave!!

Submitted by Frogmella on

I will NEVER forget you! You will be lived in my heart till the day I die! I will take you to the grave with me!

Submitted by Leisel White co on

This is to my best friend amber, to be totally honest she's my sister. We never have arguments as our friendship is just full of love. She's weird like me but that what's makes me live her even more! She has helped me though loads this year! She is THE bestest friend I have ever had!! All my old friends didnt really stick around for a while, but this girl is my girl for life!! I trust her with my life. She is amazing I'm so glad she has been in my life and I hope she will be in it for a lot longer !!! We are actully going to Best friends for life !! Omg I could drone on about her amazingness but that would take up the whole of this websites page!! I love her with all my heart, she is my sister from another mister :* :* xox

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