Sutter Home White Zinfandel Is...

| Posted by Megan for Sutter Home

In May, we asked our fans on our Facebook page to give us one word that best describes Sutter Home White Zinfandel...this is what they came up with!

What words would you use to describe our Sutter Home White Zin?


Submitted by ALBERT GRAVES on

One word for your white zinfandel is L O V E! I am new to wine drinking and I justhappened to have a friend to recommend a good starter wine and he recommended yours. I fell in love with it and you should have seen a rise in sales. LOL

Submitted by Albert Graves on

You asked for one word to describe your white zinfandel, well it is LOVE. I asked a friend to recommend a couple of wines as I am a newcomer to drinking wine, and your white zinfandel was one. I tried it and fell in love with it on the first taste, your sales should have skyrocketed in my area. LOL I have a glass every night prior to bed and I love the taste the aroma and the appeal of it in the glass, but also and even more the warm glo after my glasss is empty. Trying to get the nerve to try some others in your productr line. Thank you so very much.

Albert Graves

Submitted by Megan on

Hi Albert! We welcome you to the wine world with open arms! Since you love the White Zin, we can make some recommendations for you on where to go next... Pick up the White Merlot - we think you'll like that one too! From there, you should try Moscato, Pink Moscato & the two Bubbly Moscatos. They're sweet but instead of a berry finish like White Zin, Moscato is full of peach flavors & aromas. Let us know what you try next!

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