#MeTime: Cork Wall Art

| Posted by Megan for Sutter Home

Have a bunch of corks you're not sure what to do with? We have a bunch of fun ideas! Today's idea: create wall art. (Disclaimer: you'll need a lot of corks for this project!) 1. Pick a word! We used "wine" but you can do names, phrases...whatever you'd like to see in your home. 2. Gather up your corks. 3. Set them on their ends, creating letters. It's easiest to do this on the floor! 4. Once you have your letters created, break out your hot glue gun & start gluing the cork together on their edges (where the words are.) If you make a mistake, quickly pull apart the corks & reset them to where you want them. (note: synthetic corks don't work as well! Use as many real corks as possible.) 5. To make the heart, do the same process as the letters. This one is a little more difficult to get the right shape. You may need to move corks around until you have made a heart shape. You can also cut a heart out of paper and arrange the corks on it before gluing. To get the gradient effect that we have, find corks with different levels of wine stain on the ends. 6. There are a couple of different ways you can hang these on the wall. You can just hammer nails into the wall where you want each letter. The letters are light, so they should hang nicely from the nail. For a more secure hanging, hot glue picture hanging hardware onto the back of the letters & affix to the wall per the directions. 7. Pop open a bottle of your favorite Sutter Home wine to celebrate your new wall art! Cheers!


This is always fun. Great for making miniature Christmas trees as well. And of course it's fun to drink the wine to provide the materials!

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