Hey Burger Fans: Now Hear This!

| Posted by colleen for Sutter Home

We know you're anxiously awaiting the big day of the finalist announcement but we caught up with head judge James McNair at his home to see how the burger season is treating him!

[wpaudio url="http://sutterhome.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/08/BBB-podcast.mp3" text="James McNair talks Burgers"]

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Oh dear that just jumbled my nerves up into a tighter knot! Now I am wondering if I made it past the legal team! What an exciting time. Good luck everyone!

Submitted by Erin from Bay R... on

Greetings from Brooklyn, CL and Chef McNair!

What a treat! A Chef McNair podcast was exactly what I needed after my miserable day today at work. I so wish that my alarm clock had a James McNair setting to lure me awake in the morning. Thank you, thank you, thank you! All the best from NYC to you and yours and all at Sutter Home.

Love and burgers from Brooklyn,
Erin Evenson (BBB 2007 Represent!) :)

Submitted by Dixie Renee Fleming on

This has not made the anticipation any easier. August 20th seems like forever away:)
Anxiously waiting in Illinois

Submitted by Dahn on

Was anyone else trying to listen out for an ingredient/theme that Chef McNair mentioned that YOU may have used? And then start asking yourself - What did I but in/on my burgers again? LOL. :)

3,000 entries with 1500 eliminated through their legal team...WOW! That's intense! :o

Three days and counting...

Submitted by Leah on

I have listened to the pod cast THREE times. It's so exciting. I also enjoyed seeing the photos of some of juding with some burgers on the large table last year (I think it was last year). That's another cool guessing game to play. "Could that one be mine?" and "Oooohhhh - look at that one - it looks fabulous!" quickly come to mind.

Submitted by Carol Farnsworth on

Wow - for me, that was a real bummer listening to that. He specifically mentioned that the burger topped with asparagus didn't sound too good to him. Well guess what? That was my recipe. And let me tell you, it is really good if you just try it. The recipe has a lot more to it than just asparagus thrown on top of it and everybody that's had it wants a second burger. I hope that doesn't mean that because it doesn't sound good to him that my recipe is automatically kicked out. I don't know how to interpret that comment.

Submitted by rob mongeon on

Hey Colleen, Michelle, James and the BBB team! I agree with Erin that the podcast was a great idea. I also like the rules this year in that there were no regions and the recipes speak for themselves. No boundaries!

Wishing good luck to all those that entered!

Piece, love and BBQ grease!

rob mongeon

Submitted by Hopeful Competitor on

Carol.....I truly do feel for you (8 years ago I submitted a recipe that used Beets and I was never chosen as a finalist (now I know why!!!)...so I'll never use beets again...lol)...As for interpretting Chef McNair's comments about using asparagus and beets on a burger as something that the judges weren't partial to, to me that was in no way outlandish.....Aren't judges human with personal preferences?.....while one may like bananas on their burgers, another may only like cheese....After reading Chef McNair's biography listing all of the books he's written, I suspect he and the other judges are well qualified to determine what is a truly superb, winning recipe (just look at the history of grand prize recipes!).....if they are selecting among 3,000 recipes, and only 10 are chosen, that means that on the 20th of this month 2,990 entries will be rejected.....and maybe not even because they are "bad" recipes, but because they aren't "the best" recipes! Hang in there!...Try again next year....study the hall of famers, and come back next year ready again to play (and compete with some of the best competition amatuer cooks in the nation). Abraham Lincoln lost so many times that I think he lost count, but he never gave up, thankfully!.....And finally, I found myself giggling at myself when Chef McNair said he wasn't partial to beets... Have a great day!.....From, A Fellow Competitor

Submitted by Susan Bickta on

Anxiously (and nervously) awaiting the arrival of August 20! My best wishes to all who entered! Can't wait to see the 10 winning recipes.

Submitted by Mary Beth on

Hi Michelle, Colleen, Chef Staff and Chef McNair! Greetings from little ol' me in Tyler, Texas!! Hope all is well...good luck to everyone this year. As usual, I know it will be a fabulous event.

Submitted by Andrea Senter on

Hello everyone!!! Only 2 days until they announce the finalist. I am so excited and nervous at the same time. When I listened to the podcast and he said that they saw a lot of Spanish burgers I was a little nervous because I entered a burger that was inspired by the country of Spain. Well I pray that my burger was the best out of all of the Spanish burgers. Only time will tell, I guess. Blessings to everyone that entered!

Submitted by kt on

Wow, glad I listened to that!
My burg falls into the egg catagory, but it doesn't have a fried egg on top like McNair suggested the others had. I have seen alot of the fried egg on top of burgers at restaraunts lately. I took mine a step in the other direction really, therefore I have no worries about the legal team.
So ideally they should have spent the past few weeks in a test kitchen working on our recipes right? That there phychs me out a bit!

Submitted by Stephanie Bedford on

Thats sooo funny he mentioned Manchego cheese, asparagus, latin. Thats exactly what I submitted. I had a good idea for meat & potato burger, but ran out of time. Next year for sure!!! Im sooo excited, cant wait to see all the great recipes chosen! Hopefully mine will be in the running.. 2 more days guys!! Good luck!

I went ahead and reread my recipe. When I listed the burger ingredients, I put the cheese at the end, and then I listed the final ingredients for the burger (things like the buns, bacon and the greens etc.) When preparing my burger, in the instructions, I have it so the final ingredients like bacon are being prepared while the burger patties are resting. The cheese comes later - but it's listed at the end of the burger prep/grilling...Now I'm concerned it's technically "out of order" but I hope not. It is the last ingredient for the patties, and that's why I put it at the end of that section and not in the final ingredients part. OH NO...:(

Submitted by Violeta on

Hi fellow BBB Chef's my name is Violeta and I Build a Better Burger for the first time. It was a Puerto Rican Burger. I did not hear Chef McNair's "talk". Can someone fill me in on it?
Did he mention anything about plantain and pigeon peas? Good Luck everyone.

Submitted by Gaynell in TN on

Oh, dear, how hard this waiting is! I didn't hear my "ingredients" as either good or bad??

I tried to do a "Southern" burger, hope that suits the California crowd.

Best of luck to all - - we gave it our best!

Submitted by Violeta on

AMEN to that! Gaynell TN.

Submitted by Lisa Keys on

Enjoyed the podcast. Keep your spatulas crossed and may the best burgers be yours!

Lisa K.

Submitted by Kerstin Brown on

The agony!!! One more day! I wish they would have let us know the progression. If you were rejected by legal, let those people know, If you were rejected by burger name or were rejected by ingredients, let those people know. Then when you are down to the top group, then the top 50. This way you could end some of our suffering! UGH I think I'm gonna be sick.

Submitted by Dahn on

Kerstin I concur! The anticipation is weakening :)

I've been wondering (if you didn't make it) "how do you know WHY you didn't make it"

Is it because your recipe was written incorrectly? A misspelled ingredient? It just didn't look good??? lol.

In one day, all will know their fate!

And just to let everyone know...I probably won't get much sleep tonight. lol :)

Submitted by Stephanie Bedford on

So nervous,excited & anxious!! I keep checking my phone, my email and my mailbox. I feel alot like Charlie looking for the golden ticket. Then lately I keep having this dream of me cooking the burger at the contest and burning the buns or meat patties!! LOL!

Submitted by Chrissy on

Hey Kerstin-- I couldn't agree more..this was my first time entering...I'd love to know if I wrote the recipe correctly and made it past legal!

Good luck to all- happy grilling!

Stephanie-ME TOO! Or I'm running out of time and barely done, or I forgot to salt my patties...lol! You name it. Good to know we're all in this together. Who's going to be here checking at the stroke of midnight??? :) (ME!)

Submitted by Dixie Renee Fleming on

LOL, I thought that I was the only one that was thinking of staying up till midnight to check my e-mail and cell phone. Do you think after tomorrow, we will all be able to rest one way or the other??

For most of us, tomorrow may be the day that we face facts and head back to the drawing board for more strategic burger planning for the 2010 BBB. I'll always be up for the fun challenge.

Best Wishes to all of my Burger Enthusiast Friends.

Submitted by Violeta on

Are we done yet?

It's Thursday in California!!! lol. Guess no posting yet...(sigh) I wont be able to sleep tonight...

Well, I checked the web site, no answer yet. Of course, I live on the east coast so we are 3 hours behind. Hey, even my horescope says I'm a winner today! LOL, can you imagine
how many other Pisces there are who entered the contest!
In any event, I am on the edge of my seat using a mantra: I propbably won't win given that there is so much good competition, however, secretly, I am hopeful...good luck to all of us!

Submitted by Lindsey A on

When are they going to post something??? I'm dying here!

Submitted by Kerstin Brown on

Got no sleep last night! I did have an private number come up on my caller ID last night but no message. I thought I would sign onto the site today and the names would be there. I was wrong! But James McNair did say they were hoping to have the top 5 announced by today. It was not a definate that the announcement would come today.

Submitted by Jennifer on

Well, it is only 6:30 a.m. in CA, so I'm guessing we won't see or hear anything until 8 or 9 a.m., so there will be a few more hours yet...

Submitted by Katherine Melton on

Waiting is soooo difficult, hah! There is so much competition, you never know if you made the right burger to tantalize the judges!! Until today! Keeping my fingers, toes and eyes crossed, lol! :) Good luck everyone!!

Submitted by Damian Combs on

Good luck to all. I am new to the contest this year. I made a burger and called it the "Forget Me Not Citrus Burger." I am an avid gardener and love to cook. I am anxiously awaiting the results. Good luck to everyone and may the Best Burger King/Queen win!!!!!

Submitted by Nadine on

OMG, I need to know who the finalists are. Am I one of them? Did I pass the legal hoopla? Part of me is desparate to know, and part of me is wondering how a burger can whip all of us into a frenzy.... Still waiting!

Submitted by Dahn on

The anticipation!

I don't know if anyone has seen "Talladega Nights", but if you have, then you'll understand why I'm tempted to do a lil' Ricky Bobby prayer! LOL :)

Let the countdown begin...

Submitted by Kerstin Brown on

The 10 finalists were notified prior to today and they will not be announced until sometime after the 26th.

Submitted by Ann McBee on

This was my first time sending an entry. Does anyone out there know if your recipe was disqualified for any reason do they inform you what you did wrong?

Submitted by Carolyn on

This was my first time entering this contest. I have not heard if my recipes have been disqualified or qualified. I am anxious to know if I made it as one of the 10 finalist. I am hoping with all my heart. My family is rooting for me. My son said that my hamburger that I make for him all the time each month should win because he really loves it very much. I am hoping that my other alternative burger comes in as a finalist even if the first one does not.

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