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Just because Octobers almost over doesn’t mean breast cancer awareness becomes any less significant! Use our Sutter Home for Hope Checklists any time to plan a fun get together to keep collecting those capsules and receipts. We continue to accept them through December 31, with $1.00 going towards the fight against breast cancer for each one sent in!

Want to see your face featured in our Ribbon of Life next year? Click here to upload a photo! You can upload as many photo’s as you want, but please remember that everyone in the picture must be 21 or older.

We also placed pink ribbons on all of our Sutter Home bottles throughout October! Have you seen them? Take a picture and send it to us!


Submitted by Megan on

Hi Tammie! You only have to send in the capsule or the receipt, and the capsule is the seal you tear off to get to the cork. Watch this video for a demonstration!

Submitted by Megan on

Hi Melissa! Unfortunately the only way to receive a jersey was through our Facebook.

Submitted by melissa on

is there anyway to buy the jersey?

Submitted by Tammie on

What is a capsule? Do we have to send in receipts too?

Submitted by Megan on

Hi Becky! We love that you want to support Sutter Home for Hope! Unfortunately, we cannot accept corks for this program. We are collecting capsules until Dec 31 though, so if you buy any Sutter Home between now and then, send in the capsules! If not, you can still upload a photo for consideration for our Ribbon of Life or leave a name (or names!) of someone you love who has been affected by breast cancer here on our blog or our Facebook page so we can include them in our List of Honor. Thank you!

Submitted by Becky on

I misread and collected only the corks (capsules are long gone). Can I send in the corks instead?

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