List Of Honor: Part 1

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Thank you to those who submitted names to our list of honor.  As we read through the comments we were overcome with emotion by the number of names submitted, and touched by the amazing tributes and stories of survival you all shared.  We began our fight against breast cancer 10 years ago when one of our owners, Vera, was diagnosed and we continue it today for the women and men whose names are on this list.  Today we honor them.

List of Honor: Part 1

Wanda Combs, Ruby Hall, Diane Morrison, Judy Benn, Sally Seaman, Claudia Penna, Heloisa de Salles, Sherry Shaw, Agnes Hunt, Wanna Arree Proffitt Elovitz, Roslyn Rosas, Gloria Torress, Mia Lemos, Lenora, Stacy Deger, Mike James, Pauline Sweeney, Lois Hammes, Mary Gallagher, Suzanne Scullion, Terry Pearson, Helen Somers, Linda Burke, Jerri Lynn, Cindy, Sharon, Sue, Sarah, Frances G. Stern, Betty Cale, Bea Wilson, Margo Diez, Norma White, Diane Stewart, Lee Beck, Janet Schilling, Virginia Stanley, Allisa Silves, Mildread Copeland, Donna Quinn, Linda Thorpe, Jayne Maltby, Wirginia Woborny, Emma Meininger, Rhonda Berry, Carol ONeil, Janet Downes, Suzie Platt, Brenda Platt, Pam Platt, Toni Pavon, Stephanie Elliott, Tiffany R Bearden, Amanda Hicks Rutledge, Sandra Kay Frantz, Linda Lewis, Kevin Allison, Clara David, Melody Anisko, Dorothy Bathauer, Patty Hosmer, Mary Howard, Julie Dickenson, Susan Davis, Tracy Wuori, Ethel L.Martin, Letisha Calloway, Linda Mae Weigel, Aunt M, Faith, Cindy Lee, Evelyn Dorman Hise, Judy Tedhams, Mildred “Sofie” Freeman, Cindy Gibbs, Jean Freitas, Virgina Burtsche-Peak, Susie Salsa Ford, Ida Pearl Phifer, Carol, Grandma Dorothy, Liu Kennedy, Florence Grieco, Melissa Marsh Haydt, Carol Fitzgibbons, Lucia Jones, Albertha Ferdinand, Darlene Thomas, Maryann Williams, Kathy Oswald, Anita Gatling-Hall, Vanzolia Gatling, Judith Bialy, Nema Kizer, Terry Kizer, Sharon Abel, Angie Loudermilk, Bev Kromm, Lois Olson, Melody Ritchea, Sarah Ho’omanauwanui, Dawn Mileski, Mary “Kitty” Watson, Linda Wiesbrook, Tiffany Laszlo, Wendy Nystedt, Demarie Broome, Margie Fisette, Eyleen Schmidt, Janet Nixon, Nadyne Fike, Aspasia Manty, Mandy Mitchum, Sue Rife, Ann Cummings, Irma Jasso, Karen Wright, Maria Brubrl, Virginia Garcia, Aunt Matilde Rodriguez, Kathleen Alley, Randy, Evelyn Westmoreland, Marilyn Callan, Lorna Johnson, Andi Bryant-Mitchell, Lyn Tim Berry, Angie Loundermilk, Elsie Wright, Regina Hoover, Patricia Smith, Donna Powell, Roberta Brankman, Rose, Cribbins, Sharon, Joanne, Frances Andrews, Sheena, Carolyn, Nedra, Felecia Hawkins, Gay Wood Haase, Barbara Fahs, Heather McMillan, Pat Frederick, Jean Williams, Sharon Wilson, Betty Lewis, Celia Gills, Karen Screenock, Molly Plitnick, Mary O’Brien Cawley, Lori DiPaolo, Jenny Mathias Kissos, Marylene Dunston, Tawamda Turner, Lorraine, Sherry Choate, Sarah Choate, Patty, Brenda Ferguson, Leandra Escareno, Karen Marie Newhouse Capps, W.E. Aleem, Polly Davis, Kathleen Meehan, Anna Ostrander, Julie Hagley, Julia Barclay, Linda McCray, Maxine Barrone, Sarah McDaniel, Liz Wilfinger, Carolyn Bourque Ward, Wilhelmina Jones, Nancy Elliott, Karen Brenner, Linda, Yolanda Ramos, Liz Moore, Nell Davis, Pat “Patsy” Masticola, Louise Hardin, Mary Baca, Itza Perez, Lisa Reinke, Daphne Hastings, Tina Chapman, Lulu, Ruth, Kathryn Reeves, Rachel Hafkey, Denise Eul, Renee Watt McGlone, Sharon Pasternak

Please check back here for our List of Honor 2, and leave names in the comments of people you know who have been affected by breast cancer.


Submitted by Beth Ellis on

Beth Ellis. 1 year survivor

Submitted by kim henderson on

I'm a 10 year survivor. I found out Mother's Day weekend. Our children were 7 and 5. I'm not a victim, I'm a survivor. I had stage 3b metastic breast cancer. It had spread, but God was not done with me yet. I'm a walking talking miracle. My husband was my rock and my children, I am so proud of. We supported each other and endured. May God bless those who are affected as He blessed me. I am a better person because of cancer.

Submitted by christine romano on

Christine Romano, Jennifer Hunt, Suzanne Acuna,

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